About Soluna Health, Inc.,
Your Physician’s Office
and the Health Care System


Soluna Health provides quality and comprehensive health care to a diverse age, ethnic, socioeconomic and educational group of people. The services we offer our clients include the following:

• Pediatric Medicine (Pro Bono or Sliding Scale available**)
• Adult Medicine
• Geriatric Medicine (Pro Bono or Sliding Scale available**)
• Women’s Health and Gynecology
• Supplemental Prenatal, Post - Natal Care
• Dermatology
• Skin Care, Wraps and Scrubs*
• Laser Hair and Skin Treatments*
• Individual Adult and Pediatric and Family Counseling 
• Eastern and Alternative Medicine
• Massage Therapy

Educational, Physical Development, Health & Meditation Classes
• Home Visits for the Homebound (specifications apply )
• Product Lines for Skin care*

The physicians and providers in Soluna Health office space and on this website are not partners or otherwise affiliated in the same practice. They are all independent practitioners and providers and simply share office space, equipment and some staff in their separate practices. They are not responsible for each-others practice of patients/clients

Caring for the Community

*Proceeds from these services benefit the health care and health education of under-insured & non-insured pediatric patients and homebound patients.

please contact Dr. Shaikh at 415-332-2600 ext. 1# to learn more about:

~promoting these services*

~volunteer opportunities

~enrolling your children for pro bono or sliding scale health care & health education**

~Enrolling for Home visits**

(Specifications & Limited enrollment Apply)


Office and Telehealth Services Monday through Saturday 8am-8pm. On call MD services available nights, weekends and holidays as well.

Acute appointments available Monday through Thursday on a first come first serve basis by calling 415-332-2600 at 8 am on the day of the desired appointment. Requests will be screened for urgency to best meet the needs of our community of patients; please have pertinent information ready (including credit card and health insurance) to secure appointments.

Holiday Hours : Closed New Years Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and the day after Christmas through New Years. If there is a life threatening emergency DIAL 911.


Fax (415) 332-2610
Scheduling including acute appointments click here
If you are disabled call (415) 332-2600 ext 2#
Doctors & Employee Line ONLY (415) 332-2611 or
(415)332-2600 ext 0#
Studio/Conference hall, and Gym (415) 332-2600 ext 2#
non-urgent, non-scheduling medical questions (415) 332-2600 ext 1#
Medical Appointment Billing questions call Kathleen Cancilla (650) 556-1000 ext 109
Linda Berry, Chiropractor, hormonal rebalancing, trauma healing, Nutrition & Supplementation (415) 847-3755
Sports massage of Marin, Stefan Smith et al. www.sportsmassagemarin.com (415) 310-0878
Jared Van Der Beek
Physiopuncture, acupuncture and physical therapy
(415) 763-5523
Sandra Shefrin
(415) 380-1950
Donald Raven
On-Call doctor Service (after hours, holidays, etc.)
(415) 233-8852
(415) 464-1350
Pioneer Radiology (415) 332-2601
MyType (415) 332-2600 ext 5#
Mobile Medical Team International 501c3 (415) 332-2600 ext 7#
Mimi Geere MD (415) 864-9324


Mental Health Services, Individual and Family Counseling, Stress Management, a full spectrum of Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Family Practice (ages seen: newborns through geriatrics) Educational Classes, Childcare, geriatric & disabled children facility & home care including aids/nursing/hospice, fitness and training center, physical therapy, perinatal care, lactation consulting,Skin Therapies and Treatments including Laser Photo-facials and Rejuvenation, Removal of Hair, Superficial Blood Vessels and Pigmented Lesions.


Making, cancelling and missed appointments.


Appointments can be made online or for our disabled patients by calling (415) 332-2600 #2 or by coming in and scheduling directly with our front desk staff. all appointments are held with credit card which will only be charged in the event of no show, less than 24 hours cancellation or 15 minutes late to appointment.

Acute appointments available Monday through Thursday on a first come first serve basis by booking online or for the incapable calling 415-332-2600 at 8 am on the day of the desiredappointment. Requests will be screened for urgency to best meet the needs of our community of patients; pleasehave pertinent information ready (including credit card and health insurance) to secure appointments.

Please note, insurances are billed for MD visits only. Please check with your insurance company before scheduling an appointment to avoid out of pocket expenses. It is the responsibility of each patient to know if a given MD or service is "in plan" and covered or not. Out of plan services or MD visits will be billed directly to the patient.


Parking is available on site.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time and 15 minutes before your first visit to our office.

Please allow yourself more time if you have special needs or restraints.

When you arrive, please notify the front desk staff of your name and appointment time. Upon registration, any change in contact information must be given to the front desk staff and amended in your paper chart as well as in your computer chart. Please provide your copay to front desk staff; if you have forgotten your copay details please check your insurance card. Credit Cards are accepted. If you have a new insurance card, please offer your card for copying to our front desk staff. If you are having a non-MD visit your insurance card is not needed.

Two (2) forms are required of all patients and clients. We appreciate your cooperation in completing these forms once and then updating them as needed. One form is for general contact information. The other is a master consent to treat form and credit card information. Credit card information will only be used for no-show, less than 24h cancellation or greater than 15 minutes late to appointment, unless specified otherwise.


To cancel appointments call our office as soon as possible (415) 332-2600 2#, or follow instructions in your Genbook confirmation email to cancel.

Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours will be charged in dollar amount equivalent to the scheduled time. ($30 for a 30 minute appointment for example.) Unless specified or provided otherwise, your credit card shall be charged.

Exceptions to the cancellation <24h charge are subject to the individual practitioner.


Not showing up for an appointment shall result in a charge in dollar amount equivalent to the scheduled time. ($30 for a 30 minute appointment for example.) Unless specified or provided otherwise, your credit card shall be charged.

Exceptions to the cancellation <24h charge are subject to the individual practitioner.

Late arrivals

Arriving 15 minutes or more late for your appointment may result in a cancellation of your appointment and a charge in dollar amount equivalent to the scheduled time. ($30 for a 30 minute appointment for example.) Unless specified or provided otherwise, your credit card shall be charged.

Exceptions to the cancellation <24h charge are subject to the individual practitioner.


Contacting the On – Call Physician

An on-call physician is available evenings, weekends and holidays. If you have a life-threatening emergency at any time, please call 911. In the event of a non-life threatening urgent condition that cannot wait to be addressed during business hours, please call (415) 332-2600 which is forwarded to the on-call physician.

Please have patient’s name, date of birth, number, drug allergies, medications, and pertinent information and history available. Please unblock your phone so the physician on call can call you back anonymously. If you have a need to re-contact the on-call physician, please follow the above.

For Pediatric patients after hours you can request from the on-call doctor that they make an appointment at the after hours pediatric clinic, near marin general hospital, open after hours weekdays and weekends. the on call doctor will call you back with a specific time to bring your child, thus sparing long emergency room waits.

Please DO NOT *69 the on call doctor.

Again please only use this pro bono service for conditions that are not life threatening and require 911 help and that cannot wait until regular business hours. 

If you develop issues during the week, it is expected that you will contact the office for an appointment rather than postponing and then contacting the on-call doctor. Acute, same day appointments are available on a first come first serve bases by calling (415) 332-2600 ext 2# on the day of the desired appointment.

Prescriptions are not the responsibility of the on-call physicians; please see below “Refills” for more prescription information.


Going to the Emergency Room

Your doctor and insurance companies advise you to call your doctor or the on-call doctor before you go to the emergency room. If it is a life-threatening emergency, first call 911, and then if possible call the on-call physician. It is advisable that in a non-life-threatening emergency that you contact your doctor or the on-call physician first, see above.

As with on-call physician services, the Emergency Room is not a service that should be used for routine issues that can be addressed during office hours by your doctor.



If you have a non-PPO, non-Medicare insurance you are required to have a referral in order to see a specialist or consultant.

It is advisable regardless of your insurance to see your primary care doctor first.

Please be advised that ALL consultations or referrals require in-office evaluation by your doctor first. This practice both “good medicine” and likely to reduce unnecessary costs and procedures to you; also this is required and or advisable by insurance companies.

Exceptions may be routine and previously approved Ophthalmology or podiatry visits; however, it is the patient's responsibility to first check with your insurance company if such visits are covered. To request These types of referrals please call 415-332-2600 ext 1# 

All non-emergent referrals will require one week for processing.


Labwork and Testing

All labwork and testing requires being seen first by your doctor unless otherwise specified by your doctor. You may find it helpful to keep a folder of health related documents at home to keep your lab slips and order requisitions. If you lose a requisition or order slip, please allow 2-4 business days for reprocessing before going for your labwork or test.


Hospital/Nursing Home Admissions & Home visits

Soluna Health Physicians have privileges at Marin General Hospital. If you are admitted, you can ask to have Dr.
Shaikh to be contacted to admit you at (415)233-8852 or the in-hospital or “hospitalist” physician will see you daily. This physician and your Soluna Health Physician will work together to coordinate the best care possible for you during your hospital admission.

Dr Shaikh will see you at any of the following post –hospitalization or post-surgery Rehabilitation centers, assisted livings and nursing homes: Smith Ranch, Alma Via, Nazareth House, The Tamalpias, Greenbrae Convalescence, Golden Homes, Pine Ridge, Aegis, Marin Convalescence, Fifth Avenue, Aldersly, TheCcommons, Sausalito Senior Housing, San Rafael Convalescence,Bretano House.

Dr. Shaikh makes house calls to the disabled and bill insurance and facilitates home aids as well as medicare covered nursing, occupation and physical therapy, bereavement and hospice.


Confidentiality. What is HIPAA?

No entity other (excluding your insurance company etc) can access your records without your written consent. Special Consent forms are available at the office for your convenience. If you ever require your records be sent elsewhere, please fill out such a form prior to any processing. Again 2-4 business days are required for processing. We cannot send your records anywhere without your consent.


Waiting Room Considerations

Unable to get a babysitter? We have on site services to watch your children while you are at your appointment.

If you feel you have a contagious condition or a condition that someone seated next to /across from you could catch from you, please notify our front desk staff who will then direct you to a private room as soon as possible. Registration can occur from a private room.

We appreciate your turning off your cell phones while in the office.

We appreciate your using low voices in the office

Many people are allergic to scents and perfumes/colognes; if you feel that you could affect those around you, please tell our front desk staff so they can direct you to a private room as soon as possible.



Most insurances are accepted by Soluna Health physicians (MD's). Please check with our front desk staff if you have any questions.

If you have changed to this office-please notify your insurance carrier of that change immediately; Soluna Health is not responsible for patient delay in doing so.

It is the patients responsibilty to check if Soluna Health is a preferred in-network provider for your carrier.



Please allow 2-4 business days for processing of ANY prescription. Lost or stolen, confiscated or pre-trip medications are no exception. Please ask your pharmacy to electronically or fax request your refill or leave patient's name, date of birth, medication to be refilled, directions per your Doctor's recomendation, quantity to be refilled, pharmacy and call back number at 415-332-2600 ext 1#.

To avoid not having or running out of your medication PLEASE PLAN AHEAD. Any ongoing medication should be requested for refill the week PRIOR to running out. It is not the responsibility of the office or staff to remind you of when your prescriptions are due for refill; nor is it the office’s or office staff’s fault if you run out because you did not plan ahead.

If you are having difficulty remembering or handling your medications, please meet with your doctor to discuss what can be done to help.

Most all medications require routine office visits and / or lab work to be done BEFORE refills can be processed. Please be sure you understand what is required for every medication you take.

ANY NEW MEDICATIONS require an appointment with your doctor first, unless specified otherwise by your doctor.

Before prescriptions for narcotics, controlled or addictive medications (ie Ritalin, Percocet, Vicodin, Ativan etc) you MUST first be seen by the physician-no exceptions



If you have questions regarding a health insurance related medical bill, kindly direct your call to our medical billing company, all documents at (408) 992-5243, Kathleen Cancilla.

Please note that billing is not provided for the following fee for services: psychotherapy, spa treatments, laser treatments, hmo: massage,acupuncture,chiropractic,nutrition, pilates, yoga, active release, mind-body, breathing & meditation coaching.
Please direct management questions for these services to our manager's line at 415-332-2600 ext 2#.


Getting involved with health care changes.

The health care system had changed and will continue to do so. To help ensure that the changes that occur are ones that you support, we encourage you to vote and be a part of health care decisions.

Sources for health care bills, issues and reforms are available in many places including:

By working together we can help make the changes that are needed.
Every person counts.




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