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  •  Contact providers directly. all soluna health inc reservations shall be held by credit card in amount equal to the reserved visit.
  •  Credit card shall be charged the full amount of the scheduled visit in the event of a no-show or < 24h cancellation.
  •  On arrival, 15 minutes before appointment, orientation and required documentation shall be completed.
  •  * = services for which medical insurance coverage may be applied under routine procedure. It is the patient's responsibility to check with their insurance company prior to scheduling if the doctor and type of visit is covered. patients shall be billed directly for all noncovered services. We request patient's prior medical records to be present at appointment.
  •  Visits running over specified time shall be billed according to specialists hourly rate or equivalent fraction thereof.
  •  Hours, times and prices may change.
Services Descriptor Time Cost
Complete Physical, Annual, DMV or Camp Exams
MD review of past medical, psychological and surgical history, medications, allergies, family history, social history, review of bodily systems, physical examination, final assessments and recommendations / referrals. Please allow 4-6 weeks pre-booking. 60 min $300*

New Patient evaluation
MD and practice orientation. Review of one to three specific needs including evaluation of pertinent history, physical examination, final assessments and recommendations / referrals. We request patient's prior medical records to be present at appointment. Please allow 4-6 weeks pr-ebooking.  60 min $300 *

Preoperative Exam
MD clearance for surgery including evaluation of pertinent history, physical examination, final assessments and recommendations / transmission of report to Surgeon. Please allow 4-6 weeks pre-booking. 60 min $300 *

Standard Visit
MD review of one to three specific needs including evaluation of pertinent history, physical examination, final assessments and recommendations / referrals. 30 min Varies *

Acute Visit
MD review of a / one specific need including evaluation of pertinent history, physical examination, final assessments and recommendations / referrals. appointments made on a first call, first serve basis by calling the scheduling line on the morning of the desired date. 15 -20 min Varies *

All procedures require prior or concominant Specific Need Evaluation and consent.  MD procedures offered include colposcopy, dermatologic, cryotherapy. 15 - 30 min Varies *


(Acupuncture + Physical Therapy)
Jared uses gentle manual therapy techniques to engage the specific body tissue that needs support in a way that allows the body to make changes and heal. Jared also uses HeartMath to help patients work through stress and mental/emotional challenges.
Each session will be tailor made for you, providing the services that will benefit you the most. This may include the following: Physical Therapy that involves mostly one on one manual therapy to address the physical restrictions in the body, Acupuncture to get the function back into the tissue and reduce your stress, Chinese Medicine and herbal recommendations, nutritional advice, and/or HeartMath to help with stress and the emotional and mental blockages we all have.

60 min or 90 min

Contact Jared
Cost: $175 - $262.50

Counseling Therapy


Review of history, evaluation, counseling, final assessments and recommendations by a licensed psychologist, MFT or counselor . 60 min $85-$180
sliding scale accepted

Social Services

To be announced

Facilitate various health care situations and needs. 30 min

Case by case Determination

Pharmacy Evaluation
To be announced.
Pharm-D review of pharmacologic and pertinent personal and medical history, instructions, final assessment and recommendations. 30 min $ 50 *

Bisposphonate IV Infusion
Parenteral / Intravenous Infusion of Bisphosphanatefor the treatment of osteoporosis in patients with contraindications to po bisphosphonatesor with conditions requiring intravenous treatment. 30 min (annually $1300*

Nutrition Evaluation

MD review of diet, pertinent history, instructions, final assessment and evaluation.

Nutritionist review of diet, pertinent history, instructions, final assessment and evaluation.

30 min

60 min


$100- contact Linda Berry


Holistic Nutrition Evaluation

Katie reviews various factors that contribute to your health including diet, cooking, digestion, relationship with food and body, daily routines and rituals, movement, stress and mindsets, personal health goals and obstacles to achieving those goals.

She becomes your trusted partner and guide in your health journey, creating a realistic action plan for taking baby steps over time towards improved health and well-being. Attention is placed on eating and cooking habits, gut health, lifestyle and mindset.

60 min


contact Katie Schmidt: wholenourishment@gmail.com

Group Yoga Classes

Includes prior comprehensive assessment so as to address specific medical concerns and goals. Each class includes nervous system calming breath-work, yogic exercises and guided meditation for maximum benefit.

3 week series


Yoga Therapy

Receive comprehensive intake, create a therapeutic plan and goals. Get personalized yoga to promote health and wellbeing. This yoga is safe and will enhance what you are already working on for your health. It will improve balance an flexibility, give you powerful stress management skills, improve sleep and resolve chronic pain. Each session involves nervous system calming breath-work, yogic exercises, tools and body mechanics, and meditation for maximum benefit.
Follow-up care and home practice support.

50 min

cost (TBD)

Laser Treatments

MD supervised initial consultation and treatments of:

Removal of Unwanted Hair

Pigmented Lesion and Minor Acne Treatment

Facial and Leg Spider Vein Treatment

Rejuvenating Photofacials


30 min



$300 or

Case by Case Determination


Sports Massage 60 min www.sportsmassagemarin.com (415) 310-0878

Classical Swedish Massage

This famous massage is a combination of pressure, kneading and long, enveloping strokes. The effect is improved circulation, release of muscular tension and overall relaxation of mind and body. Improves blood and lymph circulation, and strengthens the immune system if done on a regular basis.

60 min

90 min



Specific-Need Massage

Concentration on the area and/or surrounding area of injury, trauma, inflammation or acute tension.  Improves blood circulation, drains excess fluid, removes waste products and brings nutrition to injured cells promoting healing, rehabilitation and limiting scar formation.

60 min

90 min



Deep Tissue Massage

This technique of massage uses slow, deep strokes and pressure points on specific muscle groups and connective tissue releasing muscular tension and promoting full body relaxation. Deep tissue treatments attempt to bring the body back into balance by restoring efficiency of movement and increase mobility by stretching and lengthening fascia to its natural form and pliability. It may readily be tailored for the athlete's needs such as addressing sore and tight muscles cause by lactic acid build-up.

50 min

80 min




A combination of techniques using pressure points and stretches to unblock and re-balance energy flow of the body based on accupuncture meridian systems. Depending on the individual's needs, the treatment may have a tonifying or calming effect.

60 min

90 min





Maternity (Prenatal) Massage

A special side-lying massage that alleviates lower back pain, shoulder & neck tension and general muscular strain. Gentle techniques improve circulation; reduce stress, water retention & common pregnancy discomfort while promoting relaxation for the mother-to-be.

60 min

90 min



Integrative Energy therapy

A healing art that helps individuals to re-balance the energy of their bodies at the cellular level.


60 min





Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is an extremely relaxing massage utilizing smooth river stone heated in water. The stones send deep penetrating warmth into the muscles and joints, releasing tension, strain and ultimately eliminating stress.


60 min





Infant Massage Package

Infant Massage is a fabulous way to bond with your baby. In this package the Parents/ Caregiver will have to opportunity to learn the benefits of massaging their baby/ babies. Parents/ Caregiver will be taught and demonstrate strokes. Parents/ Caregiver will be able to share the basic concepts of bonding and attachment through massage with their infants.


Individual class consists of 3 to 4 sessions

group classes consists of 4 to 5 sessions,





Learn the basics or deepen your meditation practice. Select from our menu of services to experience the benefits of meditation and transform your personal life issues.

Meditations on the Fridge - Freedom from Dieting by Maintaining Your Weight Mindfully
A series of guided meditation sessions and nutritional recommendations for weight loss support, and overall health. Series of six weekly sessions.

Personalized Meditations
(for new and experienced meditators)
Take “time-out” and turn off non-stop thinking. Release stress and connect with your innate qualities of strength, peace and joy

Meditation Massage
Enhance your massage with a guided meditation to facilitate a deeper release of tension and stress. Connect in profound and fulfilling ways.

Chakra Energy Balancing
Opening the flow of your energy ignites a passion for life, heals and harmonizes your relationships, and gives you direction and purpose, adding meaning to your life.



















We offer full spectrum podiatry services and an option ofr in-office bunion repair with quicker recovery time.

30-90 min

Insurance accepted

Occupational/Physical Therapy

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services via Occupational Therapy

Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation via a Hand Therapy Certified OTR/ L
Home Mobility and Safety Evaluations
Ergonomic Evaluations
In Home Care Support for Long Term Rehabilitation
Custom Wheelchair Evaluations
Body Mechanics instruction and training
Work Conditioning and Work Hardening Services
Functional Capacity Evaluations
Pre Employment Evaluations
Return to Work Evaluations

30-90 min

call Tom Kowalski 415-332-2600 for details


Chiropracty, Nutrition, counseling


30 -60 min

Contact Linda at 415.847.3755 for details


Medical Tailoring
Any treatment preceded by MD evaluation of health status in order to tailor the specific modality. 15 min $45


Stress reduction, immune enhancement, healing, hormone balancing, nutrition, pain, mood disturbances. 60 min Gregory (415) 497-2411 

Pilates Private

Progressive techniques of posture, breathing and relaxation develop balance, strength and awareness. 60 -90min


Soluna Floor Bar Class


Advanced yoga and ballet techniques employing isometric exercises and the raband work for cardiovascular and musculoskeletal development. Pre-registration required. 60 min $15 drop in
$125 card
10 classes

Educational soluna health Classes


Learn about general health issues as well as specific conditions in these widely adaptable classes with question & answer sessions; please see class schedules. 60 min $20
$180 card
10 classes

Personal and Small Group Training

We provide safe and effective strength training and cardio conditioning for all fitness levels with a fun, energetic and creative format, in a fully equipped gym that isn’t over crowded.
~ Dynamic and assisted stretching, take-home fitness and wellness tips and nutrition advice on how to stay healthy, happy and more energetic longer.
~ The small group exercise sessions, lead and motivated by Syndee, in many cases, are paid for by the patients’ insurance provider.
60 min  



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